BK – Klub Kollaborations

This album was one of the most anticipated among BK’s fans, and finally gave the Hard Dance public an album stuffed full of original BK Kollaborations, with some of the biggest names in the Hard Dance scene.

BK’s collaborators on this album are;
Anne Savage, Andy Farley, Rob Tissera, Paul Glazby, Lab 4, Guy McAffer, James Lawson, Tom Harding (Dance Valley NL), Christopher Lawrence (Dance Star USA DJ of the year), EJ Doubell & Dave Randall

The original press statement:

“this release is going to demonstrate just how all-pervasive hard dance has become in the dance scene in the year 2003. From the techno of his kollaboration with Guy McAffer to the stadium trance of the track with America’s number one DJ Christopher Lawrence via the massive hardhouse tracks with leaders Andy Farley, Paul Glazby and Lab 4, the world will take notice… this is the sound that rocks the big room and this is the sound of the peak time.”

BK - Klub Kollaborations - £2.99

BK - Klub Kollaborations - £2.99

Full tracklisting:

1. Warp – BK, Christopher Lawrence
2. Butterflies – BK, Ej Doubell
3. Raucous – BK, Tom Harding
4. Tiptronic – BK, Dave Randall
5. TG1 – BK, Anne Savage
6. Face Facts – BK, Andy Farley
7. Zulu Nation – BK, Rob Tissera
8. Gonna F**k U Up – BK, Guy McAffer
9. Calm Before the Storm – BK, James R. Lawson
10. Outta My House – BK, Paul Glazby
11. Accelerate – BK, Andy Farley
12. Final Chapter – BK, Lab 4

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