Lisa Pin-Up : Biggest Baddest Mutha

Nukleuz Records’ number one rude girl returns to the fray with some more hardfloor action releasing her long awaited artist album featuring all her classic, genre defining hard dance anthems. With 8 tracks from the album selling in excess of 70,000 12” vinyls Lisa Pin-Up has established her place as one of the most successful solo artist on Nukleuz Records.

Biggest Baddest Mutha

With more ideas than Einstein, Lisa fuses ragga raps, vocals and big bad basslines to maximum effect. ‘Baddest mutha’ is a ruff ride to the hardside! The original hard house sound! You’ll see why Lisa is at the very heart of the hard house scene! You love her, we love her and these tunes are guaranteed to cause mayhem! Why miss out?

Track listing

1. Baddest Mutha
2. Blow Your Mind (I Am the Woman)
3. Turn up the Sound
4. Don’t Leave Me This Way
5. Another Jam
6. Let’s Go Tripping
7. To Love Is to Listen
8. Hard House Stomping
9. Can’t Top It
10. Sometimes We’re Dancing
11. Future Acid House

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