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After many years spending half his life producing & A&Ring BXR Records at the Media Records studio complex in Brescia, Italy and half DJing every weekend, Mauro Picotto decided in 2003 to dedicate his energies almost totally to his DJ career. Since then he is one of those DJs who spends his life on planes travelling the world playing at festivals and mega clubs. Unlike many DJs, Mauro has concentrated on performing at his own Meganite branded events and parties in London, Miami, Turin, Glasgow, New York, Montreal and every Wednesday at Priviledge in Ibiza. Mauro describes these nights as “electronic music lifestyle” and frequently plays much of his own music designed specifically for the mood & energy of these nights. If anyone were to judge what they may hear at these nights by records Mauro made in the late 90s they would be very far off the mark. Mauro’s sound now is a fusion of funky minimal with the techy edge and melodic elements that were always his trademark sound. Mauro is back in the studio with renewed energy and 2007 saw the release of an album Mauro Picotto ‘Now & Then’, a DVD Mauro Picotto ‘Live On Tour’ and singles taken from the album all on the brand new imprint SWrecords (so called as he is spending time in Battersea in South West London, also the home of Media Records UK). This is a fresh and exciting new chapter in Mauro’s incredible career.


Mauro Picotto gets on the red eye and sets out on his tour of the Americas. Taking him to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colombia, Puerto Rico & Caracas Venezuela, Mauro steps into a world where other DJs rarely tread. They love him for going, they love his brand of groovy full on electronic music lifestyle and turn up in their thousands to dance and show their appreciation. DJing in the Jungle with beautiful babes is exotic. Playing in sports stadiums is totally crazy. Mauro shows all the glamour and the grime of an international DJ superstar. Also included are additional promo videos and extras from Ibiza, Turin, Love Parade, Miami WMC & Sensation Amsterdam. This is a rare insight into a DJ traveling and playing the globe.

Bonus features include the music videos for the 2 hottest singles off the album ‘Evribadi’ & ‘Maybe, Maybe Not’


1) Maybe, Maybe Not
2) Contaminato
3) Evribadi
4) Acid Sex
5) Enjoy The Silence
6) Poseidon
7) Meganite
8) Gene Nation
9) Ibiza Angel
10) Bakerloo Symphony
11) Radio Rental
12) Baguette
13) New Time, New Place
14) 3 Months


1) Evribadi
2) Maybe, Maybe Not
3) Ibiza Angel

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