Mauro Picotto – The Lizard Man

0244 Nukleuz Presentz... Lizard Man packshot1. Save A Soul: (Megavoices Claixixx Mix)
2. The Dolphin: (Picotto Mix) Gee Moore
3. The Vision: (Vision 1 Mix) Mario Piu
4. Iguana: (Claxixx Mix) Mauro Picotto
5. Make A Dream: (Extended Mix) Bismark
6. Hypnobounce: (Jasmin Mix) Karin De Ponti
7. Oasis: (Club Mix) Y.O.M.C.
8. Something About U: (DJ Garry Rmx) The Act
9. See The Light: (Mauro Picotto Remix) DuMonde
10. Sparkless: (Transa rmx) Tiësto
11. Sturm Und Drang: (Pulsar Mix) Megamind
12. I Need Your Lovin’: (Like The Sunshine)
13. Tuareg: (Oasi Mix) Ricky Le Roy
14. Imagine: (First Mix) Ricky Le Roy
15. Sweet Dream: (Pulsar Mix) CRW
16. Ultimahora Ibiza: (De Frente Al Mar Mix) Mauro Picotto
17. Techno Harmony: (Megavoices Mix) Mario Piu’

Disc 2 of 2
1. Running: (Picotto Mix) Tyrell Corp.
2. Komodo: (Picotto Mix) Mauro Picotto
3. Autumn: (Megamind Mix) Lava
4. Tyson: (Techno Afro Mix) Cominotto
5. Sector. 30: (Tribute Mix) Ricky Effe
6. Taub: (Picotto Mix) Megamind
7. Digital Dialogue: (Digital Dialogue Mix) Nick Sentience
8. Jaiss Bangin: (Knock Hard Mix) DJ Gabry Fasano
9. Metamorph: (Part One Mix) Saccoman
10. Kraach: (Picotto Mix) Megamind
11. Don’t Laugh: (Picotto Mix) Winx
12. Pegasus: (Superclub Mix) Mauro Picotto
13. Underground Mauro Picotto
14. Planet Mauro Picotto
15. Betty Ford Alter Ego

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