Nukleuz: Pure Trance 3

This is. Pure. Trance. Third in the series, this album demonstrates the best of Nukleuz‘s trance releases from the past 10 years, combining the likes of Pierre Pienaar, JamX, DJ Choose, Ibiza Knights, Fredin and many more. Available for just £3.49 on iTunes.

1 Chris Mimo – Scorcher (Pierre Pienaar remix)
2 Danny Dove & Nathan C – Something Goin’ On (Ben Preston remix)
3 Fortuna & Casus – Black Russian
4 Melodia – Is It Friday Yet? (Big In Ibiza remix)
5 Fredin – The Reason Why (feat Emma Green – vocal mix)
6 Ibiza Knights – (Feels So) Good To Be Alive (Melodia Sunrise vocal mix)
7 JamX – Guitarro (feat Lulo – Nick Larson remix)
8 Daniel Loubscher – Believe In Me
9 Magic Sound – Catharsis
10 DJ Choose – Saw Dust (Paul Webster remix)
11 Hemstock & Ric Scott – Revolution (Masonix remix)
12 PHATT – Wolf

Download From:
Juno Download

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