Nukleuz: Pure Trance

The first instalment of the two-part Nukleuz: Pure Trance series, show casing the biggest, most uplifting, floor filling trancers of Nukleuz’s recent history. Featuring huge records from Pierre Pienaar, Vinylgroover, JamX, Con Philips and Vincent de Jager. Nukleuz: Pure Trance 2 is released on the 7th of November.

1) The Joker – Believer (original mix)
2) TFT – Closed Thoughts (Sunrise remix)
3) SHOKK – Bobby Carraro (Darlings Revenge)
4) Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Everlasting 2010 (original mix)
5) PHATT – Dolce Vita (original mix)
6) Con Phillips – Vector (Big In Ibiza remix)
7) Pierre Pienaar – If You’re Not Here (feat Marcie – Graham Gold remix)
8) JamX – Liebe (PHATT remix)
9) Daniel Loubscher – Damage (original mix)
10) PHATT – Worlds Apart (feat Kate Smith – original mix)
11) Fortuna & Casus – Mohito (Xtra Rum mix)
12) Vincent De Jager – In Boundless Light (original vocal mix)

Download from:
iTunes (£3.49 Exclusive)
Juno Download

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