Frantic and Nukleuz have always prided themselves on consistently working with the hottest hard dance acts in the world. Tied in to Frantic's 14th Birthday party at Koko, London, this Frantic DJ Legends series aims to celebrate the now legendary ...Read More

HARDCORE NATION packshot 600

Young guns sparring with all the pomp of prospective world champions! These guys are driving to be the biggest, the best and the hardest of the hardcore DJs in the UK. They maybe the next generation but in terms of ...Read More

CD Sale

As a special festive treat for all our fans who are looking for some of the back catalogue on CD we are doing a limited offer that you can pick up any three of the CDs listed here (that are ...Read More


Following the massive success of the original hard beat album, the series returns for a second round with Ilogik behind the decks. Available in two different formats, with a Physical CD release containing 16 mixed tracks one disc one and ...Read More


Big Room Tunes is like Ronseal - it does exactly what it says on the tin. Packed full of massive tunes for those peak time moments, it's sure to get you moving with its gigantic scope and amazing selections. This ...Read More

Big Room DJs

Mixed by Mario Piu and Nick Sentience, this double header showcases some of the best tunes for those peak time moments. They drop trance, techno and hard house grooves from the likes of DJ Tiesto, Mauro Picotto, CRW, Southside Spinners, ...Read More


That's right, for those of you who still like the feel of an actual record in your hands, we have our very own Amazon store, catering to all of your needs for any of our physical releases. From the massive ...Read More


Mauro Picotto returns with his amazing Meganite this year to Ibiza for its fifth successful year at Privilege, the World’s Biggest Club. Meganite is the full and complete representation of Mauro’s desires. It’s his people with his favourite DJs doing ...Read More