HardBeat EPs

Most of the original HardBeat EPs that hadn't already been released digitally have been rereleased. These were groundbreaking EPs featuring content made in the legendary Nukleuz studios from in house producers, guest DJs, pumping Italian tracks from the sister label ...Read More


PRO MEETS PORTABLE iDJ Live is the easiest way to become a DJ with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. This iOS-DJ controller is perfect for anyone from Pro DJs to music lovers who have never tried DJing before. The iDJ ...Read More


A restaurant in Arizona has caught media attention with its extravegant menu, including 'The Quadruple Bypass Burger' and 'Flatline Fries'. The fast food restaurant, named 'The Heart Attack Grill' offers unlimited free burgers to those over 25 stone. Rising to the ...Read More

Pac-Man On The Moon

The spacecraft called Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn and captured an amazing view of the small moon of Mimas. The probe measures the difference in temperature across the whole of the object's surface, when viewed as a whole ...Read More


Sausage Roll vs Cheryl Cole... But which is best? There's only one way to find out! ... FIGHT! Not content with an arguement in a pub over which was better Chris Freeman & Tom Lindsey took the fight to the mean streets ...Read More


Do you remember the Ministry of Sound personal ads? Have you ever submitted one maybe? Well these are some of the best lonely hearts ads we have ever seen, a collection of the sublime and the hilarious that have been ...Read More


That's right, expecting mothers can now wear this nuts bit of kit and make sure their baby can get into dance music before they are even born. It's from a company called Nuvo, and costs roughly £100 and comprises of a ...Read More


Ministry of Sound are behind a brand new campaign that's designed to make clubbers in the capital more aware of sexual health risks by giving out free queue jump to anyone carrying a condom. The London club gave punters the VIP ...Read More