Harderfaster Xmas party

This year the HarderFaster Xmas party will be hitting you slightly earlier on Nov 28th but it’s sure to be a truly festive event with a great location and a whole host of top DJs – plus it’s all in the name of charity!

Part of the delights is the line up. But in true Xmas fashion the guys in charge of the HarderFaster Xmas party won’t be giving you all your presents to open all at once. Instead they are going to release the artists that’ll be playing the Xmas party gradually in the form of ‘presents’ – you couldn’t get much more Christmas than that!

In the proud tradition of the HarderFaster Xmas party and your generous donations at the door, this year we’ve decided to focus on a charity which helps to combat a disease that will touch all of us in some way over the course of our lives. With millions of new patients diagnosed with cancer every year, Cancer Research UK helps to fund studies and research into beating the disease. There is a suggested a £5 donation at the door, though people are reminded to feel free to donate more if they wish as with previous years each and every single penny of profit will go to the chosen charity.

Ho, ho, ho it’s the HarderFaster Xmas Party!



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