A whole new meaning for “hoovers” in dance music?

hooverWe recently heard hoovers being used in a Lady Gaga track, good for her or her producer at any rate for their nod to the harder side of dance music’s history. We at Nukleuz didn’t invent Hoovers but boy did we embrace them. Anyway, why on earth would a vacuum cleaning company put an iPod dock on their latest vacuum cleaner? Particularly if its made by Electrolux for goodness sake? Now if it had been Hoover then this probably would have been the best marketing coup the world has ever seen. Anyways, you KNOW we are going to get one of these bad boys and load it with 90’s hoovertastic rave monster tunes and crank it up to the main PA and get those cleaners to clean the old analogue gear we were harping on about with much more attitude then they can muster with your ordinary Henry nonsense. What will these companies think of next with an iPod dock in it? An electric drill? Now that’s got us thinking…

Click here for Fergie & BK’s “Hoovers & Horns” – probably the best example of Hoovers EVER – and it’s also been given the mash-up treatment on the Hard Dance Mash Up

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