AWsum Unveil 7 New Labels For Jan 2010

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Andy Whitby’s AWsum label announced this week it’s plans to launch 7 new imprints in January taking in the spectrum of harder dance! Each label will be co-run by one of the scenes biggest new talents with the aim of unleashing 16 new tracks per month!

One AWsum Night

Tell us what these labels are I hear you shout! As ever your wish is my command…

AWSUM: Andy Whitby
STYLE: Peak-time big Hard-dance anthems.
ARTISTS: Andy Whitby, Gammer, Klubfiller, Cally Gage, MDA & Spherical, Amber D, Tom Parr, Technikal, SQ, Karlston Kaos, Ectic, Kye Shand, Paul F & more

AWSUM WHITEAndy Whitby & Steve Allen
STYLE: Trance. Big peak-time big-room music
ARTISTS: Mac & Taylor, Fabio Stein, Liam Melly, Steve Allen, Indecent Noise, Ex-Driver, D:Fused DJ’s, Oxygen Shadow, Joey V & more

AWSUM BLACK: Andy Whitby & Shock:Force
STYLE: Hardstyle, Euro Hard-trance.
ARTISTS: Kidd Kaos, Jon The Baptist & DJ Chuck-E, F J Project, Andrea Montorsi, Brian M Vs McBunn, SHOCK:FORCE, The Sixth Sense, Activator, Flarup, Da Tweekaz

AWSUM HARD: Andy Whitby & Dave Curtis
STYLE: Harder edged Hard-dance, ‘Filth’.
ARTISTS: Defective Audio, Dave Curtis, Frank Farrell, Tom Parr & more

AWSUM FUNK: Andy Whitby & Scott Fo Shaw
STYLE: Big basslines, chucky’n’funky.
ARTISTS: Scott Fo Shaw, Midi Distortion, Tom Parr, Jon BW, Venkman, Sam & Deano & more

AWSUM FUTURE: Andy Whitby & MDA & Spherical
STYLE: Cross-over harder-edged music. Anything from tech-trance through to euphoric power bounce.
ARTISTS: Technikal, MDA & Spherical & more

AWSUM BOUNCE: Andy Whitby, Discam & Wain Johnstone
STYLE: Power bounce, Poky, Donk.
ARTISTS: Andy Whitby, Discam, Wain Johnstone, Energy Syndicate, Okami & more

AWSUM BOOTLEGS: Andy Whitby & Klubfiller
STYLE: Hard trance & Hard dance bootlegs of the biggest classics in dance.
ARTISTS: Andy Whitby, Klubfiller, Technikal, Bryn Whiting & more


This week also sees the release of Hard Dance Mash Up mixed by Andy Whitby, BK and Sam & Deano (Tidy DJs) on all good download stores. Check it out here… TRACKITDOWN


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