Dance Music Kills Student

A UCL student has been killed by ‘Loud Bass Music’ according to a report in the Metro today.

An inquest has been told that Tom Reid, 19, was taken ill in London club Koko after standing close to the speakers and complaining that “The bass is affecting me”. There was no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system at the time and his heart was in good condition according to coroners.

His death has been attributed to SADS (Sudden Arrythmic Death Syndrome), a disorder that kills 12 young people a week. On September 27th Reid had visited Koko in Camden for a “Night Of Mayhem” party during his freshers week. He and his friend Alisha Riseley were apparently pushed towards the speakers in the club, and this apparently triggered the reaction.

They visited the club medic after Tom complained “My heart feels funny. I think the bass is affecting me. Oh God, I feel very weird. My heart is beating so fast”. While deciding whether or not to call an ambulance Reid collapsed – “He suddenly leant to the side and keeled over as though he fainted” Paramedics arrived on the scene and attempted to restart his heart, but he was pronounced dead in hospital two hours later.

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