DMC DJ champion = NI hardware madness‏

rafik_blastYeahhh bwoyeeeeee.

You wanna dj like a world champ? Then here’s a quick guide to set you on your way. DJ Rafik shows its completely possible to scratch and much more with the current generation of software/hardware from Native Instruments. To be fair we have most of their studio software in our studios and nothing drives us more crazy than their very bizarre anti piracy procedures which brings on a cold sweat when we are upgrading the hard drive.

I’m sure that Traktor has none of these issues and lets you just get on with your skills( well for all those scratch DJs sake we sure do hope so). Obviously with this new bit of hardware there’s a whole new world of performance possibilities that Rafik shows off in the videos. Us? we like a good tune but still appreciate the lost hours in his bedroom so he can dazzle us. I guess he’s a nightmare to play Call of Duty with too!!

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