The Very Best Of Frantic Euphoria – Mixed by Anne Savage [2005]

The Very Best Of Frantic Euphoria – Mixed by Anne Savage [2005]

Disc 1

1. Kernkraft 400 (DJ Guis Remix) (Anne Savage) (Zombie Nation)
2. Iguana (Megavoices Remix) (Anne Savage) (Mauro Picotto)
3. Sandstorm (Anne Savage) (Darude)
4. 99.9 (Anne Savage) (Organ Donors)
5. Hands Up (Fergie & BK Remix) (Anne Savage) (Trevor & Simon)
6. Red Snapper (Vinylgroover & The Red Head Remix) (Anne Savage) (K90)
7. The Beginning (BK’s The End Remix) (Anne Savage) (Dean Peters) (The Edison Factor)
8. D.E.V.I.L. (BK Mix) (666) (Anne Savage)
9. Bad Ass (James Lawson Remix) (Anne Savage) (Bk)
10. The Vision (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) (Anne Savage) (Dj Arabesque) (Mario Piu)
11. No Good For Me (Steve Hill Vs Technikal Mix) (Anne Savage) (Masif Dj’s)
12. The Hoffman Experience (Anne Savage) (James Lawson)
13. Sssst… (Listen) (Anne Savage) (Jonah)
14. Adagio For Strings (Anne Savage) (Steve Hill) (Technikal)
15. Never Lost His Hardcore (Anne Savage) (NRG)
16. Kick It 2005 (Anne Savage) (Paul Glazby)
17. Drop The Dime (Justin Bourne 2005 Remix) (Anne Savage) (Justin Bourne) (Lee Jeffrey)
18. Dominator 2005 (Stimulator Remix) (Anne Savage) (Human Resource)

Disc 2

1. Operation Blade (Andy Whitby) (Public Domain)
2. Hoovers And Horns (Ingo Remix) (Andy Whitby) (Fergie & BK)
3. Till Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix)/Everybody (Acappella) (Andy Whitby) (Anne Marie Smith) (Heavens Cry) (Peter Pritchard)
4. Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Mix) (Andy Whitby) (Lock ‘N’ Load)
5. Music Is Moving (BK & DBm Amber Mix) (Andy Whitby) (Cortina)
6. Epidemic (Edison Factor Mix) (Andy Whitby) (Exit EEE)
7. Injected With A Poison (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) (Andy Whitby) (Praga Kahn)
8. Future Acid House (Prime Mover Remix) (Andy Whitby) (Lisa Pin Up)
9. Bits & Pieces (Andy Whitby) (Movin’ Melodies Presents Artemesia)
10. The Dawn (Paul Janes Remix)/A Feeling (Acappella) (Andy Whitby) (Stu Allan) (Tony De Vit)
11. What Ya Got 4 Me? (Ilogik Remix) (Andy Whitby) (Signum)
12. Over 4 Me (4 Motion) (Andy Whitby)
13. A Feeling (Technikal Vocal Mix) (Andy Whitby) (Stu Allan)
14. Revolution (Andy Whitby) (Bk)
15. Move Your Body (Andy Whitby) (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
16. Hoover Time (Andy Whitby) (Stimulant Dj’s)
17. Hostile (Andy Whitby) (Paul Glazby)
18. Are You All Ready (Andy Whitby) (Tony De Vit)

Disc 3

1. Red Alert (Anne Savage) (James Allan) (Mark Sherry)
2. Music 4 The Masses (Trancetter Remix) (Anne Savage) (Denga & Manus)
3. Advanced (Anne Savage) (Marcel Woods)
4. Focus (Anne Savage) (Gleave)
5. Play It Louder (Anne Savage) (Randy Katana)
6. The Pod (Anne Savage) (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
7. Acidanimal (Cannibalistic Mix) (Anne Savage) (Public Domain)
8. Lights Out (Anne Savage) (Gleave)
9. Live For The Weekend (Anne Savage) (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
10. Modularis (Anne Savage) (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed)
11. The Do (Anne Savage)
12. Vicious Circles (Ryan Blair Mix) (Anne Savage) (Vicious Circles)
13. Listen To Your Heart (F&W Remix) (Anne Savage) (DHT) (Edmee)
14. My MTV (Public Domain Remix) (Anne Savage) (Noir)
15. Summassault (Anne Savage) (Technikal)
16. Traumatic (Abandon) (Anne Savage) (Ben Stevens)

Frantic Euphoria – Mixed by Anne Savage & Andy Whitby [2004]