Hard Beat EPs get rereleased.

Most of the original HardBeat EPs that hadn’t already been released digitally have been rereleased. These were groundbreaking EPs featuring content made in the legendary Nukleuz studios from in house producers, guest DJs, pumping Italian tracks from the sister label BXR and hard remixes. BK has been badgering me to get a wav of Hold It, a tune he made that was featured on Hard Beat EP 6. This is a classic example of BK at his stomping best working at the time with studio engineer Richard Bottom ( who we called Dbm for both humorous and creative reasons!!). Hold It was made in 1999 a time when Nukleuz was really taking off with both the UK hardhouse sound and the Italian stripped out tech trance sound vying for top dog position in Nukleuz towers. It was a special time with BK in the London studio and Picotto in the Italian studio crafting monster track after monster track that would instantly light up dance floors up and down the UK and then across the world where they liked their music HARD. Within a year or so Nukleuz was fast to become the number one 12 label in the uk and Hard House was to be for a while the number one dance sound in many clubs.

Hardbeat EP 6

HardBeat EP 6

Hardbeat 6 is available on iTunes from http://bit.ly/X77ikz or Beatport from http://btprt.dj/VTRDXH

If your search your favorite stores you should find most of the HardBeat EPs.

I’ll do a bit more on them shortly.

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