Kutski represents Nukleuz on BBC Radio1

Visit Kutski’s Radio 1 page to listen to the latest version of his show, featuring JAKAZiD’s outstanding remix of Cracked Logic’s “Hurt U So” ramping up the tempo during the UK Hardcore Mix session in the show. Have a listen here


Of course it’s not the first time that Kutski has shown a lot of love for Nukleuz, having featured Organ Donors, BK, Bas & Ram ft. Ralph Novel, Andy Farley and more over the course of his residency . Back in Feburary, a whole “Freerange” section of the show was dedicated entirely to Nukleuz records encompassing some of our major releases over the last 15 years.

Don’t forget that you can tune into Kutski’s show live every week from 1-3am on a Friday night to hear the latest Hard Dance, Hardcore and high-tempo mixes (Including the “Hardest Record In The World”).

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