Nu Energy 100 – The Final Chapter – 1998-2011

THE BIG ONE HUNDRED! At last it’s here – the final chapter! 10+ years in the making and the culmination of a label that’s pioneered an entirely different genre of Hardcore that now stands proud on its own. Having nurtured countless artists over the years, showcased the underground productions of established members of the scene, and of course been the home to the head of the NEC, Kevin Energy himself, this is the fitting farewell we offer you. Two landmark mixes brought to you by Kevin Energy b2b A.B, with one mix showcasing the tracks from the past that have shaped the identity of Nu Energy, and with the other mix offering you upfront remixes from the most current NEC-associated artists of classic beats gone by. All the track singles are also available as part of the package – so that’s a whopping 37 full-length tracks + 2 DJ mixes included in this final chapter of freeform! This album is a piece of Hardcore history and is our tribute to the music that has made Nu Energy the undisputed king of underground sounds since 1998. Let the beats live on by adding this historical album to your collection, and remain Freeform for the Hardcore forever…

Thanks for all of your support from 1998 to 2011 we could not have survived this long without you.

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Mix 1 – “Classics Remixed”

1. Gammer – Unforgettable Hope (Douglas Remix)
2. Douglas Feat. Rhona – Dreams Of Chaos (Fracus’ Progressive Remix)
3. K-Complex – Cyberspace (Endemic Remix)
4. Nick 235 & Solution Feat. Rhona – Feeling Kinda Strange (Kevin Energy’s Strange & Dark Remix)
5. Kevin Energy & Mark Ashley – Levitation (2011 Mix)
6. Kevin Energy & Safe n Sound – The Baptism (A.B & Amplitude Remix)
7. Proteus & Kevin Energy – London Helsinki Underground (Proteus’ “Warcry” Remix)
8. Eryk Orpheus – PVC (Lost Soul Remix)
9. Kevin Energy – Chemical Terror (Obie Remix)
10. Kevin Energy – Waves Of Desire (Karl Future’s Hardcore Jungilist Remix)
11. Two’s Company – Dream (Eryk Orpheus Remix)
12. Kevin Energy – Take Me Up (Arkitech Remix)
13. Kevin Energy – Twisted Sanity (Darwin Remix)
14. Lost Soul Feat. Dark Angel – Sacrifice (Nick 235 & Solution Remix)
15. Kevin Energy – Hustler (2011 Mix)
16. Kevin Energy – Raver’s Revenge (Impact Remix)

Mix 2 – “Classics Revisited”

1. Safe N Sound & Jonny Prophet – Guns N Hardcore
2. Mark Ashley & K-Complex – Atomic Orbital
3. Lost Soul – Payback Time
4. Duncan Oatham – Rock The Disco
5. Lost Soul – Plazma
6. Slippery Disco – Feeling High
7. Lost Soul – Dark Side Of The Moon
8. Cynista & Safe n Sound – Chemical Warfare
9. Oli G & Jessica – Miasma
10. Kevin Energy, K Complex & Sharkey – Anna (Cube::Hard Remix)
11. Ephexis & Seventy-7 – Psymbiosis (Blistering Breaks Mix)
12. Impact & Nomad – Utopia (Strings Intro Mix)
13. Sharkey & Eclipse – Mind Launch
14. Ephexis Vs Oli G – Spatial Inversion
15. Sharkey & Eclipse – The Warning
16. Carbon Based – Anger Ball (Kevin Energy Remix)
17. K-Complex – Adagio (2007 Mix)
18. Darwin, Obie & Mr. E – Future Shock
19. Eclipse – Devastator
20. Marc Smith – Encounters
21. Eclipse – Stairway To Brooklyn

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