Nukleuz changes the face of Cannes @ MIDEM

Nukleuz flew off to a sunny south of France to attend the biggest yearly music industry conference, MIDEM in Cannes. This is where all aspects of the music industry (Record companies, publishers, managers, agents, live, games, sync, digital platforms, websites, mobile services and much more) get together, attempt to do deals and to find out as many free bars as possible!

I have attended Midem every year since 1992 and over the years it has reflected the changing face of the industry. In 1992 you would have record companies, publishers, managers, exporters, importers, manufacturers of cds and vinyl and distributers but software, computers and mobiles where unheard of. Licencing used to be the big game. You could get label deals or just licence your big records to Europe, Asia, USA etc. Although this still happens in the digital age, exclusive licence deals to labels around the world are less frequent unless that company is going to put a big effort into the release of that record in their territory. Now days all the different digital services ply their trade at Midem and you often discover the new players there. This year there were again many of these and some may come through as important like Spotify or iTunes or Beatport in the past.

As usual after hours of talk and serious meetings we drank and partied into the night. This can be proper hardcore over 3 or 4 days and takes it out of you if you’re not sensible. It was agreed by most that Cannes is now a very unsuitable town for this event (due to the massive cost) and most dance labels would seriously re-consider attending next year when there are many other events that can be more relevant and with cities that are more fun.” (Peter Pritchard – MD – Nukleuz)

Check out the pictures of us and “The Characters“…

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