Craig's favourite gadget

Gadget – Games Consoles, My we have come along way from the origins of the ps2, xbox and gamecube. Yes The Playstation ps2 is the biggest selling console ever made but technology has thrust itself onto bigger and better.
The consoles people live and use today. The might of Playstations ps3, Microsofts xbox360 and Nintendos Wii are all formidable in their own right.
I personally still live by my ps2 but have to admit I do own a Wii. The other members at Nukleuz HQ disagree with me about the Wii being great and it being more of a kids console, but aren’t we all kids at heart?
The ps3 is notably an improvement but not for its price, for pure gaming brilliancy you have to go with the xbox360, the ‘Halo series’ is by far the best game made to date, but you could say that ‘Call of Duty’ is pushing it mighty close.
At the end of the day everybody has their own opinions and preferences and there will always be arguments about which console outright is the best, but they will all most likely be trumped by better consoles in the next decade!

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