Craig's favourite experience

Experience – Being a massive follower of Sport, their are 2 experiences that stick in my mind! Both are to do with the Rugby World Cup Final.
The first was in 2003, England playing Australia. I was working behind the bar at The Court (Scream pub on Tottenham Court Road), people couldn’t move so were relaying their drinks orders and money through the crowd to the bar and in turn the staff would pour the drinks and the crowd would then return the drinks and change back to the recipient that had ordered. With 10mins to go I had to get on the tanoy system and say we would not be serving any more drinks until after the game had finished. The response was unanimous “PUT THE COMMENTARY BACK ON!”
Then Johnny Wilkinson’s drop goal went over and the place went ballistic!
Unfortunately for English fans my other rugby world cup final memory is 2007 and the mighty Springboks winning, being South African this was better than 2003!

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