Dave's favourite event

Dave: My favourite was probably playing at Turnmills for the first time with Tony Humphries in the other room and totally rocking it. Or Frantic’s 10:15 birthday party the energy was incredible and even some of my non-dance music mates were bouncing around like nutters. And you can be sure anything with Carl Cox or Roger Sanchez (especially if its at Pacha, Ibiza) will rock. And non-music Jimmy Carr Live always leave me hurting because I’ve been laughing so much!

Craig: 2007 Marked the 10th anniversary of Frantic and the 15th anniversary at Nukleuz. These two mighty dance labels banged their heads together and created one night of pure mayhem!
This was an event that couldn’t be missed! Several of my friends and I headed down there and had it large. Naturally all of us at Nukleuz were down there partying it hard too! The fun only began when for several months after that Frantic had used photo’s from that event for their e-flyers advertising future events! There I was pulling a crazy face at the front, glowsticks in the air on the e-flyer, fun times!!!

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