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After careful consideration and many requests regarding purchasing of our vinyl stock, we have moved our vinyl collection to a more versatile and easier purchasing platform to help our fans and DJ’s get their hands on the vinyl they are sought after!

Craig_Nukleuz Vinyl Collection on Discogs

Craig is still in charge of all your back-catalogue and stock availability queries.
It was therefore important in trying to pick out a specific seller name for Nukleuz on Discogs.
This was made easy, by making sure it was recognisable and linked back to our original communication from selling our vinyl collection direct from our site.

Clicking here will take you direct to our profile on discogs “Craig_Nukleuz

From there you can then browse all our current available stock or contact Craig direct.

Whether you are wanting to top up a current collection, start a new one, or are in need of replacing a few titles that you have burnt out by playing it too many times, we now can help you out!

For all you turntablists out there, we have a whole host of back-catalogue vinyl just waiting to be played!

All of it is brand new, untouched and sat there just waiting to be spun.
All the vinyl and the sleeves holding the vinyl are in perfect condition.

Check out the full back-catalogue collection available for purchase right now on the Nukleuz Discogs account:
Craig_Nukleuz Vinyl Collection on Discogs

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that this now makes your buying process a much smoother and enjoyable time.

Happy Buying and Happy Listening

If you have any questions or queries all you have to do is email craig@nukleuz.co.uk direct or alternatively contact him direct on the discogs account messaging service.

*P&P not included, will be additional charge for shipping.
** Some artwork shown may no longer be in stock, but will come in the Nukleuz Classic Sleeves instead.

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