Technics are dead? Maybe not…

In the past week rumours have been flying around the internet that Technics were to discontinue their 1210/1200 decks – the iconic and industry standard turntable.

Confusion still reigned well into the week as to the status of the Technics line of turntables, and this week reported an official response on the matter from Panasonic Australia :Technics SL 1210 M5G

“In regard to the discontinuation of Technics analogue turntables, Panasonic Corp. has made no official global announcement with regard to this matter. Panasonic Australia is unable to provide any further comment,”

However, confusion has been heightened further with a number of ‘unofficial emails’ and statements that have been doing the rounds on the web since the story broke last week.

But it seems that Panasonic UK has stepped in with a comment to clear things up a little: the 1200MK5 and 1210MK5 WILL be discontinued leaving the 1210MK5G as the top of the range turntable. The 1200 and 1210 MK2 models will continue to be produced as normal. DJs are now given the choice of either the standard Technics or the more expensive piano black extra pitched blue light luxury model left in the range.

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