The funniest personal ads ever

Do you remember the Ministry of Sound personal ads? Have you ever submitted one maybe? Well these are some of the best lonely hearts ads we have ever seen, a collection of the sublime and the hilarious that have been submitted over the years. If you know of any better, send them in to or leave a comment below and we’ll have a good laugh, then pop em up!

ARE YOU AGED 18-30, female, slim build, into hardcore techno, a recent graduate and political activist? If so, fuck off. I want a shit-thick 16 year old with no opinions and massive tits. Reply to box xxxx

WERE YOU THE GIRL with braids, blue T-shirt, platform trainers, dancing to the left of the stage during JFK’s set at Passion last Friday? I was the guy curled up under the speaker stack. I meant to talk to you but I was hallucinating and I thought you had a wolf’s head and flippers. But I’m ok now. Reply to xxxx

ATTENTION ALL MAD clubheads in the Toxteth area going to Cream this weekend. Me and my mates are going to nick all your valuables while you’re out because we’re thieving scally bastards.

IF YOU ARE a group of around four house fans in the Acton High Street area of West London and you’re particularly into old skool Chicago sounds, please turn your stereo down because some of us are fucking trying to get some sleep.

ARE YOU THE TALL BLACK-HAIRED GUY in the black and silver Versace shirt who I shagged in the Ministry toilets about three months ago without any form of birth control? Please write to me. I’d love to hear from you. Just to see how you are and stuff. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about. Really. It’s just that I’m going to have a…ummm…a PARTY! Yes, that’s it. A party. Reply xxxx

WANTED: COCAINE. Lots of it. Reply to xxxx

WERE YOU THE man standing three feet away from me at the bar in Fabric, smiling weakly and smelling rather too strongly of Issey Miyake? Because if you look at my tits one more time, I am going to glass you.

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