Traktor Pro linked with Twitter!

That’s right, you can now link up your Traktor set-up at home or in the club to your Twitter account! Adopted by @rhawtin (Richie Hawtin) you can see the results on his wall – a track by track breakdown of a DJs set, posted in real time to Twitter for people to gain an insight into what makes a DJ set truly great.

Richie Hawtin, who’s already spent a lot of his career leading the way technologically when it comes to DJing, from the development of mixers such as Allen & Heath’s Xone92 3D, to Digital Vinyl Emulation software like the Final Scratch DJ technology. The Minus developed Twitter application uses feeds from an updated version of Traktor’s standard broadcasting technology to send 30 second updates during Hawtin’s set to a designated Twitter account.

This concept could also have massive implications for the dance music industry as a whole, helping smaller independent record companies and artists to gain further recognition and free promotion when any of their digital releases are played all over the world. However, the real potential comes to light when considering the benefits for performing rights societies: By providing the necessary information to track exactly what is being played in clubs by DJs, the Twitter DJ application would not only drag the likes of GEMA, PRS and SOCAN kicking and screaming into the 21st century, but make sure the real artists get paid. We can only see tracking such as this will be a benefit for everyone involved in the industry, meaning we can all keep doing what we love and providing you with the best music possible!

Visit here to download the application

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