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Ever wondered what that sample is in that record you love? Like Eminem’s “Beautiful”. Well now you can thanks to a website called Who Sampled who’s mantra is ‘exploring & discussing the DNA of music’ and are attempting to build the ultimate database of sampled music and cover songs.

Currently clocking in at a whopping direct links between over 25,000 songs and 10,000 artists, from Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk and Soul via Electronic Music through to Rock, Pop and beyond Who Sampled allow you to dig deeper into music by discovering much more about the tracks you are listening to. But it is more than this you can watch the videos, contribute new content, discuss and vote…

WhoSampled.com is a community site for exploring and discussing sampled music and cover songs. Anyone can submit information about a sample or a cover it will be published on the site to be discussed by the world. WhoSampled was created out of a love for sampling and music production, it’s aim not only to be the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate database of samples and covers on the net but also a fun and engaging place to be and prides itself on being all about the discovery of new and old music, the exploration of musical influences and the sharing of knowledge.

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