World Cup Groups England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, USA

Next June in South Africa is the World Cup finals and there are a number of nations participating who we have artists from so we thought it was only fair and proper to have a laugh at their expense now we know how easy or hard it will be for them to get through to the final stages of the tournament. To start, England will have to face the USA, Algeria and Slovenia. None of these will be easy ties with the Yanks having won the prestigious federations cup last summer.

Next Up Italy, our long time collaborators, partners and all round buddies with the likes of Mauro Picotto and Mario Piu having released some of the label’s finest tunes have to meet Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia. It couldn’t be easier for Italians who always perform well at world cups. South Africa, hosts and first African nation ever to host the games is where our Trance supremo, Pierrre Piennar, lives closest to (he’s actually from Namibia, but what the hell its next door and he DJs in South Africa all the time). South Africa have to face Mexico, Uruguay and France. I don’t hold out much hope for them to be honest particularly if Henry’s left hand is working well. We also have very close ties with Australia and USA so their opponents are England as stated and for the Aussies, Germany, Serbia and Ghana, ho ho ho that should be a fun one but you know that the Germans will always win through. If you were asking me then its Italy’s for the taking.

So now you know ( like you didn’t know anyway huh?) and we’ll have to ask all our producers and artists to make their very own World Cup anthems.

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