Nukleuz Hard Dance Podcast EP.010

The Nukleuz crew have returned to bring you the Nukleuz Hard Dance Podcast EP.010 and this Episode we have the great opportunity to have Fireball Recording’s very own Ben Stevens exclusive mixes to add to our Podcast collection.
There is more information about Ben Stevens below alongside the tracklisting for Episode 010.

We hope you enjoy!
*For those of you that can work out tracks 3, 9, 12 & 14 there is a free CD on offer.
Email craig(at) your answers, make sure the title states “Hard Dance EP.010 Comp”.


Ben Stevens

Chances are the first time you heard the name of Ben Stevens, it was none other than Paul Glazby tipping the aspiring DJ for the top.

And in the half a decade or so since he first grabbed the attention of the revered Vicious Circle head honcho, Stevens has never had any problem living up to such high expectations.

Glazby’s faith in the youngster saw him land pivotal roles in the development of the Vicious Circle stable, both in A&R and event management, and as a result Stevens has a sense of professionalism that belies his 26 years.

Regarded by many of his peers as a technical genius on the wheels of steel, beatmaster Ben has become one of the most in-demand hard house DJs in Britain, with regular slots at high-profile events such as Frantic, Polysexual, Creamfields and the Tidy Weekenders.

Ben has enjoyed many bookings in Ireland and Europe, including arguably the best festival on the continent – Dance Valley in Amsterdam.

With tours of Australia, Canada and New Zealand under his belt, the acclaimed DJ’s international profile is consistently growing, and it was given a great boost when he deservedly scooped the illustrious Mixmag Future Hero gong at the Hard Dance Awards in 2006.

There are two superb albums which best illustrate the talented mix maestro’s skills. In 2005 he effectively filled Andy Farley’s shoes on the seminal I Love VC set, and a year later he teamed up with the guru, Glazby, for the devastating back-to-back compilation, A Retrospective of Vicious.

The gifted youngster has also found time to hone his skills in the studio, producing three gargantuan solo singles for the Vicious label – ‘Wake-Up Call’, ‘Crowd Rocker’ and ‘Swarm – and appearing on the legendary 10 Commandments series no fewer than three times.

Some of the UK’s other leading labels have also secured his services: Flashpoint, Tripoli Trax and Energy UK among them.

Ben’s label Fireball Recordings has hit the top of the charts on all the download stores and has had plays for all the major hard dance dj’s.

The new label kicked off with the seismic Stevens double-header ‘The Warning’/’Supergroover’, a really strong package which sets dancefloors alight and reminds you how diverse and entertaining that hard house can be.

The abilities and talents of Ben Stevens are without question: whether producing tunes or playing them, he knows exactly how to work a dancefloor and raise the roof off a club.

Join Ben Stevens



Nukleuz Hard Dance Podcast Episode 010 Tracklisting:
1. Base Graffiti – Bumble Bee (Fireball)
2. BK – Rave Monkey (JP & Jukesy Remix) (Tidy)
3. ?? – ??
4. Ross Homson – Ferkin Merkin (Toolbox)
5. Boca Byrne – Do It Again (Fireball)
6. Ben Stevens & Dave Owens – Royale With Cheese (Fireball)
7. Ben Stevens – Fresh Beats (Fireball)
8. Base Grafitti – Bass EP (2010 Remix) (Vicious Circle)
9. ?? – ??
10. Ben Stevens & Michael Smith – Dominate (Fireball)
11. JoJo & Mini Minx – Betty Boo (Fireball)
12. ?? – ??
13. Anna K, Irish Dave & Defective Audio – Driller (Encoded NRG)
14. ?? – ??
15. Ben Stevens – Deep Underground (Fireball)
16. Leon Allen vs Pickup & Rise – Pigeon Fanciers (Fireball)
17. Dr Base – Don’t Stop (Nick Sentience Remix) (Resurrection)


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