Nukleuz Hardcore Podcast EP.004

JAKAZiD the resident of the Nukleuz Hardcore podcast welcomes you to episode 004 and the 2nd guest mix of the series. The 2nd guest mix is provided by the very talented Nu Foundation, who has a mix splattered with exclusives.

Turn it up loud and get raving!!!

After JAKAZiD and Nukleuz turned back the books with a special historical look at the Hardcore EP series in the previous episode, JAKAZiD showcases the latest material that has his tail wagging and he can’t leave out of his sets.
No doubt he will be playing these in a weeks time, when he plays in Poland.


Nu Foundation

Nu Foundation‘s debut might have been “Takin’ My Time”, but it didn’t take much time at all for his rapid ascent into the scene’s production elite.
After that inarguable anthem, released on Seduction’s label Maximum Impact, and featuring on “Hardcore Nation 2”, this was followed up in short order with high profile remixes for Scott Brown, amongst others. This led to a “Bonkers” debut not only with his remix of “Lost Generation”, but on the atypical tip with “In Kontrol” on the Sharkey & CLSM feat. Kutski mix.
Further work for Nukleuz and album appearances on “Hardcore Heaven 4”, “World’s Greatest Hardcore”, “Hardcore Nation 3” and “Hardwired” followed.

On the vinyl front Nu Foundation showed off his diversity with the “Takin’ My Time” EP on Warped Science, featuring the rave breaks track “Signal 2 Noize”, following on from his earlier release on Warped Science: “Liberation” / “Closer”, on top of providing the flip-side remix for Al Storm’s “Never Ever”.

Last but certainly not least, he ably assisted on the masterpiece that is “Hardcore Underground Vol.3”, signed to Hardcore Underground, and is currently getting serious playtime with the massive underground anthems “In Your Head” and “Open Your Heart”. Big things, coming…..

For more on Nu Foundation check out his myspace at

Alternatively follow Nu Foundation on twitter at

Nukleuz Hardcore Podcast Episode 004 Tracklisting:

JAKAZiD’s Mix:

1. Weaver & Andy L feat. Fran – Cannonball (Scott Brown Remix)
Download Track Here

2. JAKAZiD feat. Taya – Universe
Download Track Here

3. M-Project – Ganjaman
Available on the “Bastard Pop Terrorists Vol.8” CD Album

4. Spenno & Jess – Find Your Way (Petruccio & Modulate Remix)
Download Track Here

5. Fracus feat. Lisa Abbott – Give Me Your Love (DJ Stormtrooper Remix)
Download Track Here

6. DJ Shimamura – Guntank 2009
Check out DJ Shimamura on MySpace

Nu Foundation’s Mix:

7. Darwin – Connected (Nu Foundation Remix)
Forthcoming on Hardcore Underground

8. Fracus feat. Taya – Next To Me (Nu Foundation Remix)
Forthcoming on Next Generation

9. Michael Mansion – Places We Go Through (Fracus Remix)
Forthcoming on Fallen Island

10. Fracus & Skratchy feat. Sam Honey – Tell Me That You Love Me
Download Track Here

11. Entity & Darwin – Moving Over
Download Track Here

12. Nu Foundation – In Your Head (Big Kick Mix)
Forthcoming on Hardcore Underground

13. Sam B – I Just Can’t Believe
Download Track Here


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