CRW – I Feel Love

It’s no secret that CRW is a pseudonym for the legend that is Mauro Picotto – and here we take a look at one of his biggest tracks – I Feel Love (CRW), which was originally released back in 2000, and stormed up the UK charts, hitting number 15 at it’s peak.


The original version of CRW’s I Feel Love has a deceptivley cool Euro build-up, which drops into a huge bassline guarenteed to get the crowd moving, while the B-Side shows off Mauro playing with an unorthodox mix of pounding techno kicks, gut-wrenching bass and some Balaeric guitar melodies layered over the top.

In 2007 this unmistakable classic got the remix treatment from some of the world’s hottest producers.

Namibia’s best kept secret and newly appointed Head of the legendary Nukleuz Green label, and DJ on Trance Sessions Solstice, Pierre Pienaar aka P.H.A.T.T. raises the tempo and the temperature with a new high octane trance remix keeping the spirit of the original and building to a huge emotional crescendo that guarantees to rock dancefloors!

Hardcore Till I Die, Clubland Xtreme Hardcore, AATW & Raverbaby heroes Darren Styles & Mark Breeze take the bull by the horns and really crank up the energy and take the tempo even further with an awesome, hands in the air, rave shattering hardcore remix. As featured on Hardcore Nation Classics and Hardcore Adrenaline 2 albums!

Prior to I Feel Love, Picotto had already experienced chart success with the “Lizard Trilogy” – Lizard, Iguana and Komodo (Save A Soul) – which saw Mauro hit his highest chart position at Number 13 in the UK. Mauro has since gone on to produce numerous tracks and albums, and of course release his ever-popular Meganite at Privilege in Ibiza.

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