Hardcore Adrenaline

Nukleuz teamed up with GTV to put together an anthem packed 3CD compilation – Hardcore Adrenaline – mixed exclusively by the scene’s leading lights DJ Seduction and Stu Allan featuring a bonus bootleg CD. This compilation unleashes 55 of the hottest, freshest hardcore tracks smashing up clubland.

Both DJs are scene leaders and have built a fearsome reputation over the years as the DJs to turn to when a dancefloor needs rockin’! These DJs live and breathe hardcore and have been in the studio working on masses of brand new material and banging them out in the clubs week in week out to ensure that the CDs sound fresh and give a real feeling of the energy in the raves that are going off all round the country drawing in masses of young & excited clubbers into this huge, vibrant, fun and innovative scene.

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DJ Seduction is hardcore to the bone! Promoting one of the biggest and most off the hook hardcore raves in the country, “Uproar” as well as running his own respected “Maximum Impact” record label, the home of some of the hottest hardcore white labels. John is also responsible for helping establish the legendary early ‘Hardcore Heaven’ and ‘United Dance’ events.

Stu Allan has been one of the UK’s top Hardcore DJ’s since the very beginning. His hardcore radio shows on Key 103, Manchester were legendary and his productions as Visa have been some of the all time hardcore classics.

Alongside Nukleuz’s respected and high octane repertoire, Hardcore Adrenaline offers up hardcore mixes of Gut Record’s biggest classic and UK chart hit singles. Not only do you get the groundbreaking, advert sampled monstrous Internet sensation come hardcore anthem ‘Cillit Bang’ by JAKAZiD, you also get massive exclusive Hardcore remixes of hits from The EGG, Hi_Tack, Starzoom, Uniting Nations as well as top tunes from Cappella and Cascada


1. JAKAZiD ft Barry Scott ‘Cillit Bang’ (Original)
2. DJ Kurt ‘Twilight Zone’
3. InEffect & Gammer ‘We Come Alive’
4. DJ Robbo ‘Won’t Forget These Days’
5. Joey Riot ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’
6. Splash ‘Blame The Moon’ (Gammer Remix)
7. Dougal &Gammer ‘Lift Me Above’ (Technikore)
8. Statik I Got A Feeling’ (Darren Styles Rmx)
9. Stu Allan ‘Music’s Got Me’ (Visa Mix)
10. Visa ‘All Of My Life’ (Visa Treatment)
11. Frantic & Gammer ‘Return Of The Clans’
12. Michael Splint ‘I Feel Free’ (Stu Allan Remix)
13. Sytronic & Spenno ‘One Day’
14. DJ Kurt ‘Secret Raver’
15. Dougal & Gammer ‘3000 Stomps’
(Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
16. The Egg ‘Walking Away’
(Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
17. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper ‘Dopest DJ’
(Dougal & Gammer Remix)
18. Adam Harris ‘Hyperspeed’ (Sy & Unknown)


1. Seduction & Joey Riot ‘Feel Free’
2. Seduction & Al Storm ‘Louder’
3. DJ’s United ‘Everytime You Touch Me’
4. Gammer & Diverse ‘Along The Way’
5. Seduction & Al Storm ‘Make The Track Spin’ (Remix)
6. Rampant & Petruccio ‘Coming Up’
7. DJ Seduction feat Alison Wade ‘Dreammaker’
8. Sy & Unknown ‘Rock It Like This’ (VIP Remix)
9. UFO feat. Shelly ‘Blown Away’
10. DJ Seduction ‘50,000 Watts’
11. Dougal & Gammer Ft Jenna ‘Close My Eyes’
12. DJ Seduction feat Alison Wade ‘Open Up’
13. Dougal & Gammer ft Lisa Marie ‘Velvet Skies’
14. DJ Seduction ‘Leaving The World Behind’
15. Tomo & Smetz ‘Fireball’
16. DJ’s United ‘Kick The Flow’
17. Sytronik & Gavin G Ft Angel Eyez ‘Come To Me’
18. MC Keyes ‘Want It Hardcore’


1. JAKAZiD ft Barry Scott ‘Cillit Bang’ (Original)
2. Love Assassins ‘Teardrops’ (Impact Rmx)
3. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Listen To Your Heart’ (Sparky)
4. Stu Allan ‘A Feeling’ (Visa Remix)
5. Uniting Nations ‘Out Of Touch’ (UFO Rmx)
6. Hi Tack ‘Say Say Say’ (Waiting 4 U) (Sparky)
7. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Everytime We Touch’
8. Filterfunk ‘Message In A Bottle’
(Sparky & Sytronik Remix)
9. Visa ‘All I Need’ (DJ Kurt & Lee UHF Rmx)
10. Sparky & Sytronik ‘Dare Me’
11. Stu Allan ‘Superman’ (Sparky Rmx)
12. Puretone ‘Addicted To Bass’
(Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm Remix)
13. Visa ‘007’
14. Corenell ft Ann Bailey ‘Keep On Jumpin’ (DJ Kurt)
15. Cascada ‘Miracle’ (Joey Riot Rmx)
16. Starzoom ‘People Always Told Me’
(Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
17. Gammer ‘Liberation (Fly Like An Angel)’
18. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Heaven’ (Gammer Remix)
19. Cappella ‘U Got 2 Know’ (Spenno, Dizzy & Sparky)

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