Hardcore Nation 2


Following on from the huge commercial success and critical acclaim of Hardcore Nation, Nukleuz and Warner Dance up the ante with new TV Advertised album Hardcore Nation 2: Longer Larger Harder Faster!

Featuring 54 of the biggest killer hardcore tracks from the UK’s fastest growing, most innovative, enjoyable and youthful harder dance scene.
Including 46 totally exclusive tracks you won’t find on any other CD! Current club bangers, classic anthems & future anthems.

Covering the full spectrum of diverse styles within the genre in the unique floor filling style which has made the 3 leading DJs mixing the album, DJ Seduction, Stu Allan & Robbie Long cornerstones of the hardcore community.

Since the first album, all 3 DJs have been in the studio producing masses of brand new material exclusive to this album, and banging them out in the clubs week in week out ensuring that the CDs sound fresh and exciting and guaranteed to send ravers wild!

These DJs live and breathe hardcore. They know what works and why it works, and work hard and professionally to achieve the success you see today! Some DJs just mix, but these 3 do everything… promote events, produce, remix, run record labels, have radio shows and much more!

Even non-hardcore fans will be converted after hearing the vibes of the album! No-one can resist quality like this for long! From big sing-a-long vocals and high energy riffs to stomping grooves and breakbeats there is something for everybody!

Hardcore has it all and this 3 CD album showcases the very best on offer!

Who’s hardcore?!

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John Seduction is a hardcore hero! Starting back in 1989 at illegal parties and on pirate radio he then went on to establish the legendary ‘Hardcore Heaven’ and ‘United Dance’ events, the first 100% strictly hardcore parties! Now John promotes the successful ‘Uproar’ events, and releases material on his label ‘Maximum Impact’. Since the last Hardcore Nation Sedders has been cranking out even more killer floor rocking tunes and remixes for all the big names in the scene many of which you’ll hear exclusively on this album! And on top of that he found time to hold one of the biggest indoor hardcore raves ever, Collossus! Look out for Uproar presents Energize @ the Sanctuary, Birmingham on Saturday 12th November 2005!
Check out www.uproar-events.com or www.djseduction.co.uk

1. *Sy & Unknown “We’re Rockin’ This Place”
2. *Stu Allan “A Feeling (Seduction Remix)”
3. *Dougal & Gammer “Drop It”
4. *DeejayBee & Sketchy ft Lou Lou “Walk Away”
5. *DJ Seduction “Kick That Bass”
6. *Nukleuz Kollective pres Cortina “Take Me Higher (Sy & Unknown Remix)”
7. *DJ Seduction “Cross The Fader (Joey Riot Remix)”
8. *Flyin & Sparky “Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper Remix)”
9. *Gammer “That’s How I Roll” (Hardcore Nation 2 Remix)
10. Scott Brown “All About You”
11. *Seduction & Sy “The Devil”
12. *Nu Foundation “Takin’ My Time”
13. *Angel Eyez “Twilight (DeejayBee & InEffect Remix)”
14. *Joey Riot vs. DJ Technotrance “Everynight”
15. Slippery Project “Something Like This” (Original Mix)
16. *Seduction & Storm “Touch The Sky”
17. *SDG “Enjoy The Silence”
18. *Dougal & Gammer feat Lisa Marie “Open Your Eyes”
*16 Exclusive to the album


Stu Allan has been one of the UK’s top Hardcore DJ’s since the very beginning. His hardcore radio shows on Key 103, Manchester were legendary and his productions as Visa have been some of the all time classics. Since the success of the first CD, Stu has been back in the studio producing some absolute belters and remixing for some of the biggest names in the business (for more info check out www.nukleuz.com. Stu hosts the prime time & # 1 Hardcore Nation show on Pure Dance radio (Sky Digital 890 & www.puredance.co.uk) every Thursday 9-11 where he bangs out the freshest and most banging hardcore around! He is the big Daddy of Hardcore. Raise your hands and salute Stu Allan.

1. *Dee Dee “Forever (Stu Allan Remix)”
2. *Brisk & Ham “Angel Eyes (Re-Con Remix)”
3. *Impact & Resist “Morning Sun (Original Mix)”
4. *BK “Playing With Knives (Hixxy Remix)”
5. *Nukleuz Kollective pres Cortina “Music Is Moving (Gammer Remix)”
6. *King Ace “Dark Side Of The Moon”
7. *Stu Allan “Still Believe”
8. *“Be Free With Your Love (Stu Allan Hardcore Bootleg)”
9. *Dana Rayne “Flying High (Stu Allan Remix)”
10. *Unique “Searching For An Angel (Weaver Remix)”
11. Tiny Tot “Discoland”
12. Demoniac “One Two”
13. *Human Resource “Dominator (Joey Riot & DJ Technotrance 2005 Remix)”
14. *Visa “Let Me See Ya Move (Stu Allan 2005 Mix)”
15. *Stu Allan “Superman”
16. *Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm “Beat On The Drumz” (De-Sped & Re-Said Mix)
17. *Lee UHF ft MC Ribbz “Hardcore Machine (ASA & S1 Remix)”
18. *Andy Whitby “The Last Dance (Flyin & Sparky Remix)”
*16 Exclusive to the album


Robbie Long and the Thin ‘n’ Crispy (TNC) producers have certainly ‘raved up’ their beats of late. In a vocal and trance dominated scene, TNC offers an alternative sound that mixes up the styles and rocks main floors with ease. Avoiding the generic trance presets found on most modern synths, Robbie has dug out the pianos and older rave stabs and put a modern twist on them to create a unique TNC sound! On the remix front Robbie Long & Stormtrooper continue their ever popular re-workings of Hard Dance classics for Nukleuz and remixes for label giants Next Generation are in the pipeline. A hectic DJ schedule awaits Robbie on the run up to Xmas, including a mini tour of America in December. Check out www.tncrecordings.com for more details.

1. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper “Dopest DJ (HN2 Intro Mix)”
2. *D-Lyte “Spacehopper”
3. *Robbie Long & A.M.S. “Wakey Wakey (Stormtrooper HN2 Remix)”
4. *Lisa Pin-Up “Goes Like This (Bang!) (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)”
5. *Smith & Western “Outta Control”
6. A.M.S & Robbie Long “Rock Da Spot”
7. *Stabilized feat. MC Casper “Reminisce”
8. *Impact & Resist ‘Sunlight’
9. *Smith & Western “Just Pop It”
10. *The *TING*, K Complex, and Syphoon “Badgers On Acid”
11. *BK & Fergie “Hoovers & Horns (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)”
12. *Ham & Robbie Long “Lets Begin”
13. *Brisk & Ham “Run 4 Cover”
14. *Ham & Robbie Long “Like This”
15. *Demo “Muzik” (Ham Remix)
16. Love Decade “So Real” (Styles & Breeze Remix)
17. System F “Cry (Re-Con Remix)”
18. *Robbie Long & A.M.S “Trigger Hardcore (Robbie Long VIP Mix)”
* 14 Exclusives to this album

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