Hardcore Nation 3


Following on from Hardcore Nation 1 & 2 which gained huge critical acclaim and sold in excess of 50,000 copies each was never going to be an easy task! But Nukleuz & Warner Dance have given the mighty & ground breaking Hardcore Nation series a sleek new look for its return this August!!!

This, the 3rd high energy instalment features the proven DJ mixing genius of DJ Seduction, Stu Allan & Robbie Long…. these DJs live and breathe hardcore. They know what works and why it works, and work hard and professionally to achieve the success you see today! Some DJs just mix, but these 3 do everything… promote events, produce, remix, run record labels, have radio shows and much more!

Between them have selected 54 of the hugest anthems, biggest classics and best upfront exclusives which are guaranteed to have rocked dance floors across the globe and are now brought to you on one album!!! And 48 of these killer tracks from the UK’s fastest growing, most innovative, enjoyable and youthful harder dance scene are totally exclusive to this album and cannot be heard on any other compilation!!!

Featuring tracks from Prodigy, Pendulum, Mauro Picotto, Styles & Breeze, Hixxy, Seduction, Sy & Unknown, Dougal & Gammer, Brisk & Ham, Stu Allan, Robbie Long, BK, Scott Brown & more, you know this is gonna be huge!!!

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John Seduction is hardcore to the bone! Promoting one of the biggest and most off the hook hardcore raves in the country “Uproar” as well as running his own respected “Maximum Impact” record label, the home of some of the hottest hardcore white labels. However, John’s hardcore obsession started way before all of this, at illegal parties and on pirate radio before starting the legendary ‘Hardcore Heaven’ and ‘United Dance’ events!!! And now, on August 12th DJ Seduction lacing up his football boots in what could become the biggest thing to hit the hardcore scene ever! A DJ’s vs MC’s Charity footie match at Buckingham Town FC’s ground!!!
Check out www.uproar-events.com for forthcoming events including Uproar pres. ATMOSPHERE – THE HARDCORE NATION 3 LAUNCH PARTY on Sat Aug 19th @ The Sanctuary, Birmingham!!!

1. Seduction & Gammer – Put Ya Hands Up 2006
2. Seduction & Joey Riot – Turn Up The Bassline
3. Gammer – Cube Negative
4. Sy & Unknown – U R My Fantasy (Hardcore Nation Mix)
5. Seduction & Joey Riot – Out Of The Blue
6. Dougal & Gammer – Rhythm Master
7. DJ Seduction feat. Alison Wade – All Around The World
8. Filthy Louca – Teardrops (Sy & Unknown Remix)
9. Insomnia – Hardcore Time
10. Diverse – The Spirit
11. Nu Foundation – Takin My Time (Remix)
12. Seduction & Styles feat. Alison Wade – Sunlight
13. Seduction & Joey Riot – Rock This Party
14. Dougal & Gammer – Unidentified
15. UFO – Tears
16. Seduction & Gammer feat. Alison Wade – Bright Star
17. Stu Allan – Music’s Got Me (Seduction Remix)
18. Sparky & Sytronik – Let It Shine
*18 Exclusives


2006 has been a hot year for me since the release of Hardcore Nation 2. The huge exciting news being that my “A Feeling” track has just been signed to one of the biggest major record labels in the world!!! I’ve been working hard in the studio on some really hot original tunes and remixes as a follow up and as upfront exclusives for this album! More exciting news is that I have just started my new Hardcore Nation show on Ministry of Sound Radio broadcasting hardcore nationwide on Sky Digital Channel 0198. Catch me banging out all the hottest exclusives and biggest tracks around every month! This mix is exactly what you hear in my club sets. Bangin’ tunes with wicked vocals, into the more bouncy stuff with a couple of older classics. All my 12”s & downloads are available from www.nukleuz.com. I’m also working on getting my own website www.stuallan.com live as soon as possible so that you can all contact me direct! ’bout time too!!

1. Audioscape & Sparky – Hardcore Nation
2. Ineffect & Gammer ft. Ali – Stuck In A Moment
3. Heaven 7 – Dance With Me (Joey Riot Remix)
4. Audioscape – Walk Away (Breeze & Styles Remix)
5. Stu Allan – Far Away
6. Impact & Resist – Runaway
7. Scott Brown – Wakey Wakey
8. Gammer feat. Compulsion – The Call (Scott Brown Remix)
9. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper – The Hitmen (Sy & Unknown Remix)
10. Dougal & Gammer – Tell Me A Story (Sy & Unknown Remix)
11. Brisk & Ham – I’ve Got A Feelin’ (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
12. Stu Allan – Take My Hand
13. Dreadhed – On Fire (Hixxy Remix)
14. Bombay – Shooting Star (Stu Allan Remix)
15. Trinity – Like The Sun (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
16. Visa – All Of My Life (Joey Riot Remix)
17. Tarantino – Pulp Fiction (Stu Allan’s Hardcore Kill Bill Remix)
18. HNK – A-Team (Rob Da Rhythm & Al Twisted’s E-Team Remix)
*15 Exclusives


Things have gone from strength to strength for Robbie Long since the last Hardcore Nation. On the DJ front Robbie continues to play up and down the UK at events like Hardcore Heaven, HTID, Vibealite, Spunky, Nemesis, Raindance, & Freeformation as well as satisfying his international commitments, regularly showcasing the Thin ‘N’ Crispy brand of Hardcore in countries like Australia, Canada, and America. In the studio things have been just as manic. As well as his increasingly popular collaborations with DJ Stormtrooper, Robbie has been working on bringing new talent on board, offering them a platform to shine. Artists like Injured Rezz, Rampant, Darwin, Al Twisted & JFX, and DJ Kurt have all been working hard on future projects, along with the TNC regulars. For more info check www.tncrecordings.com You can also catch Robbie Long live and direct on the last Monday of every month on Ministry of Sound Radio on Sky Digital Channel 0198 between 6pm and 8pm GMT.

1. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper ‘Nation of Hardcore’ Intro mix featuring MC Ethos
2. DJ Stormtrooper ‘Phatt Bwoy’
3. Smith & Western ‘Chicken Lips’
4. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper ‘Stick Em’
5. Ham & Robbie Long ‘Entertain Your Brain’
6. AMS & Robbie Long ‘Hardcore Rush’
7. AMS ‘Keep Rockin’
8. BK ‘POS 51’ (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
9. Ethos ‘Watch Out’
10. DJ D-Lyte ‘Da New Joint’
11. Simon Apex feat. Sam Davage ‘The Light’
12. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper ‘Work That Sucka’
13. Mauro Picotto ‘Lizard’ (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
14. Hixxy ‘More & More’
15. Injured Rezz and the MD ‘To The Rave’
16. DJ Milo ‘Fuckin Trip on XTC’
17. The Prodigy ‘Voodoo People’ (Pendulum Remix)
18. Stabilized ‘Learn 2 Dance’ (AMS Remix)

*15 Exclusive

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