Hardcore Nation


Nukleuz and Warner Dance are proud to present “Hardcore Nation” the most alive sound in harder dance! (TV Advertised)

Hardcore is the fastest growing dance scene in the UK and the clubbers are flocking to the call of the whistles and horns of events popping up across the whole country!

The energy levels are high, the tunes diverse, exciting and well produced with the opportunity for a good sing-a-long followed by a hard heads down stomp.
Hardcore has it all and this 3 CD album showcases the very best on offer in this innovative, enjoyable and youthful scene.

3 scene leaders were selected to mix the album because of their reputations for rocking dance floors everytime with quality tunes, devotion to the scene and their experience in the scene from ‘avin it for years! All no strangers to the dex but each brings their own unique and different style to their mixes and it shows in the diversity of sound and style of the 50 tunes across the CD all expertly mixed.
Of the 50 tunes a simply staggering 32 tracks are completely exclusive to this album! All the tracks on the album are guaranteed floor shakers, from classics like ‘Fly Away’ to brand new, never before heard tracks and current anthems like ‘Makin Me Wanna Dance’.

Even non-hardcore fans will be converted to the glowstick church after hearing the quality of the album! No-one can resist quality like this for long!

Who’s hardcore?!

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It all started for John back in 1989 at illegal parties and on pirate radio, Sunrise FM. He was then offered residencies at The Dungeons and Crowland Road, London’s best underground warehouse parties. In 1991 John was signed up by Pete Tongs label ‘FFRR’ (London Records) and offered management by Carl Cox’s agent and enjoyed commercial success with 2 tracks entering the Top 40! John then set up his own label ‘Impact Records’. John is also responsible for the legendary ‘Hardcore Heaven’ and ‘United Dance’ events, the first 100% strictly hardcore parties! John now promotes the successful ‘Uproar’ events, and releases material on his label ‘Maximum Impact’.

Check out www.djseduction.co.uk or www.uproar-events.com

1. *Gammer “Let It Go” (VIP Exclusive Album Mix)
2. *Sy & Unknown “Caught Up In Your Love”
3. Insight “Only Your Love” (Scott Brown Remix)
4. *DeejayBee & In Effect “Fresh Cuts Last”
5. ASA & S1 Feat Lou Lou “Making Me Wanna Dance” (Sy & Unknown Rmx)
6. *Sy & Unknown “Make It Bounce” (VIP Exclusive Album Mix)
7. *Gammer “Feel The Bass”
8. *Visa “Fly Away” (DJ Seduction Rmx)
9. *Seduction & Storm “Make The Track Spin”
10. Dougal & Gammer “Stand & Stare (Kick Ya Legs)”
11. *Sy & Unknown “I See The Light”
12. *Flyin & Sparky “Energy Rush” (Stompy Remix)
13. DJ Seduction “Slammin & Jammin”
14. *Stompy & Abeyance “Time To Fly” (DJ Seduction Rmx)
15. *Adam L “Body Shake”
16. *DeejayBee & Compulsion “Energy”
17. Aluna “All Of My Life” (Breeze & Styles Rmx)
*Exclusive to the album


Stu Allan has been one of the UK’s top Hardcore DJ’s since the very beginning. His hardcore radio shows on Key 103, Manchester were legendary and his productions as Visa have been some of the all time classics (included on this album with new mixes). Stu regularly plays out and this mix includes some of his biggest classic floorfillers as well as showcasing some of his brand spanking new and exclusive mixes and productions which are being released on the Nukleuz label (www.nukleuz.com). You can catch Stu at Vibealite, TFI, Illusion, Diztruxshon, HTID and many other hardcore events. The big Daddy of Hardcore in the mix. Raise your hands and salute DJ Stu Allan.

1. Diss Reaction “Jeeiihaaa!”
2. Stingray & Sonicdriver “Cold As Ice” (Rmx)
3. *Stu Allan & Pete Pritchard “Love You More” (Original Hardcore Mix)
4. DJ Paul Elstak “Don’t Leave Me Alone”
5. *Organ Donors “What’s Up?” (Dougal & Gammer Rmx)
6. *Praga Khan “Injected With A Poison” (Hixxy Mix)
7. *Visa “Don’t Go Away” (Visa 2005 Mix)
8. Visa “Fly Away” (Original Mix)
9. Bang! “Cloudy Daze”
10. United In Dance “Still The One”
11. *Impact & Resist “Drifting Away”
12. *DJ Energy “Serenity” (Visa Rmx)
13. DJ Breeze “Let’s Fly” (Original Mix)
14. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo “Wonderfull Days” (Original Trance Mix)
15. Force & Styles “Pretty Green Eyes”
16. *Visa “Gave You My Love” (Visa 2005 Mix)
17. Force & Styles “Apollo 13”
*Exclusive to the album


Robbie Long embarked on his DJ mission back in 1992 playing at local south coast raves Empire and the now legendary Interdance (Sterns). Since then he has played at most major raves both here in the U.K. and worldwide. Robbie’s studio work started in 1996 with production partner Devastate and has released tracks on Blatant Beats, Next Generation, Quosh, Bonkerz & Nukleuz among others, as well as on his own label Thin-n-Crispy (TNC). A true veteran on the dex, Robbie is well known for mixing it up with high energy scratching, working crowds into a frenzy. Robbie’s production sound combines chunky beats with killer ideas and hooks that squeeze every last drop of digital power from his Thin-n-Crispy studios.

Check out www.tncrecordings.com

1. *2 Damn Tuff “Blow The Roof” (Stormtrooper’s Intro Remix Ft MC Ethos)
2. *Alex 90 “The Message”
3. *Stabilized Ft MC Ethos “Drop The Needle”
4. Ham “Jump 2 Da Groove”
5. *Flyin, DJ Storm & Rampant “X-Rated”
6. *Stabilized “Learn To Dance”
7. *Robbie Long & AMS “Ear Popper”
8. Eclipse “24/7” (Ham Mix)
9. *Stormtrooper & Dair “Do It Like That”
10. *Vinylgroover & The Red Hed “Everlasting” (Flyin & DJ Storm Rmx)
11. *Robbie Long & AMS “Acid Bath”
12. *Cally & Juice “All You Bastards” (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Rmx)
13. *Impact & Resist “Insomniak”
14. *Delta X “Keep Pushing” (AMS Rmx)
15. *Stormtrooper & Dair “Underground”
16. Xavi Metralla “Vibrations”
*Exclusive to the album

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