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Komodo (Save a Soul), Mauro Picotto’s biggest solo release to date has sold millions of coipies worldwide and was part of the “Lizard Trilogy” that made Mauro a superstar. Mauro still regularly plays the original (and new) mixes of Komodo to sell out crowds who always go crazy for it, as well as it being a classic that still holds a dear place in almost every DJ’s record box.

After spending nearly half his life producing & performing A&R duties for BXR Records at the Media Records studio complex in Brescia, Italy, Mauro Picotto came to a decision 2003 to dedicate his energies almost totally to his DJ career.

Since then he has become one of those DJs who spends his life pursuing his dream and travelling the world playing at festivals and mega clubs.

Unlike a lot of other DJs, Mauro has concentrated on performing at his own Meganite branded events and parties. At these events he can DJ for hours and choose his supporting DJs to complement the sound of the night and create what is a completely unique night that has spawned CDs and DVDs as well as massive support throughout the years. There are Meganites in London, Miami, Turin, Glasgow, New York, Montreal and every Wednesday at Priviledge in Ibiza. Mauro Picotto classes these nights as electronic music lifestyle and frequently plays much of his own music designed specifically for the mood & energy of these nights.

Click here for the Classic Original Mixes
Click here for the Classic Remixes

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  • 1 TokyoMind wrote:

    OMG!! My Great Album From Here! Thanks Nukleuz Records and BXR Records. and Komodo (Save a Soul) is a Classic Trance Remixed Trance Version.

    September 20, 2011 at 4:18 am Permalink

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