P.H.A.T.T. – Shockwave

Following up ‘Dolce Vita’ and ‘This Is Where We Are’ Pierre Pienaar drops ‘Shockwave’, which builds subtly and gently before unleashing its full spine tingling riff with its phatt bassline that feels alive with energy and passion. Classic trance vibes in a 2008 style, this is feel good trance as its meant to sound.

On the flip Pierre calls in DJ Choose who immediately toughens up the groove and ups the pace with his tech fuelled monster remix in his style that has gained him admiration and remix work from Dj Tiesto, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Dave Pearce, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen and Marco V, Mason, Hemstock & Jennings, Tomcraft, David Forbes, Safri Duo, DuMonde & Judge Jules, Who da Funk, Public Domain, Scott Mac, Black Fras, DHT, Sidney Samson, Pate no 1, and Phillipe B & Todd Terry.

Track Listing:
1) Original Mix
2) DJ Choose Remix

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