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The Head Of Nukleuz Trance is back with his own unique style that can be heard in clubs all over the globe. Following up on his recent success he now presents Damage Control. A track that justifies the attention he’s received from the likes of Paul Van Dyke, Dave 202, Lost Witness and Dave Pearce – as dark, energetic and emotive as ever.

As is always with P.H.A.T.T’s style, the track subtly builds up developing more and more energy as it unravels, before unleashing its spine tingling riff and phatt basslines that create that hugely emotive and passionate trance sound as its meant to be.

First on the remixes is S.H.O.K.K, who while still sticking to the basics of the original, presents a much darker, harder track that keeps the original build up structure to unleash an monster trance anthem.

The James Condon & Dan Identikal meets Vandal remix takes the sound to a different level. While once again keeping the harder sounds and the same continuously developing structure it presents a slightly more electro tinge and takes out the big trance riff to replace it with the electro bass and pumping beats.

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