P.H.A.T.T. “Mass Destruction”

The Head Of Nukleuz Trance is back with his own unique style that can be heard in clubs all over the globe. Following up on his recent successes P.H.A.T.T now presents Mass Destruction. A track that completely justifies the attention he’s received from the likes of Paul Van Dyke, Dave 202, Lost Witness and Dave Pearce – as dark, energetic and emotive as ever.

As is always with P.H.A.T.T’s style, the track subtly builds up to create more and more energy as it unravels, revealing a build up made up of dark, resonating synths and vocal stabs, before finally unleashing its spine tingling riff and phatt basslines to develop the track into the powerful, energetic and downright banging dancefloor destroyer it becomes!

Space Raven (self proclaimed “N#1 French Hardtrance producer”) gets behind the buttons for the remix and presents a tougher, harder and Trancier mix, to create the energetic and emotive style of Dance that P.H.A.T.T and his tracks have become so renowned for.

Track Listing

1) Original Mix
2) Space Raven Remix

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