Richard Sander – Lost Memories About You

A gorgeous trance record from Richard Sander that is hugely emotive as the title would suggest and tugs at the heartstrings with a feeling of yearning that is hard to ignore. The strength of this record is the passion it evokes when you hear it. “Lost Memories About You” wraps up these energizing emotions in a lush summery sounding beach trance vibe that effortlessly grooves and swallows you up and could easily fit on a sunset mix, club night or beach mix. On the flip Chris Cockerill and Liquid Vision add their own twists to this great record both beefing up the groove, toughening it up for the clubs and adding a dark and jacking edge offering a wide range of vibes on this strong package.


1) Original Mix
2) Chris Cockerill Remix
3) Liquid Vision Remix

Download from:
Juno Download
Coming soon to Beatport…

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