Hardcore 2

JAKAZiD the resident of the Nukleuz Hardcore podcast welcomes you to episode 004 and the 2nd guest mix of the series. The 2nd guest mix is provided by the very talented Nu Foundation, who has a mix splattered with exclusives. Turn ...Read More

Hardcore 2

Nukleuz Records have delved into their treasure chest of hardcore releases to bring you an exclusive mix by letting the mighty JAKAZiD choose 1 track from each of the Hardcore EP series. Starting at the very beginning with EP1 bringing you ...Read More

Hardcore 2

JAKAZiD welcomes you back to episode 2 of the Nukleuz Hardcore podcast with an exclusive guest mix all the way from Japan from the very talented M-Project! JAKAZiD kicks off the 2nd episode with a couple of tracks that he can't ...Read More

Hardcore 2

Nukleuz Records would like to welcome you to the 1st Nukleuz Hardcore Podcast! JAKAZiD kicks off Episode 001 of a fortnightly hardcore podcast series with special guest DJs and guest mixes being confirmed later in the year. Al Twisted will be providing ...Read More


On Saturday 13th March 2010 Hidden will be hosting a special one off event with 3 rooms of Hard music from the top names in Hardcore and Hard Dance. London’s freshest and pioneering Hardcore Night, Hidden Core, bring the noise ...Read More


Nukleuz: A Decade of Dance Mayhem – Year 2007 2007: Amato and the final death of vinyl. This was the year that dance music in the UK had one of its greatest disasters. Amato Distribution, ours and most of the major ...Read More


Nukleuz: A Decade of Dance Mayhem – Year 2006 2006 was probably the last year of Nukleuz releasing lots of Hard House. The whole scene had contracted into a much smaller fan base and the hey days of Hard House mania ...Read More


Nukleuz: A Decade of Dance Mayhem – Year 2005 2005: Rebirth of hardcore. Having joined the company full time in 2004 Dave Louca brought with him a strong affiliation with hardcore, Nukleuz's traditional involvement in the scene and the full to ...Read More