1022WNUK_Hardcore EP 18

Nukleuz’s Hardcore EP’s have always been extremely successful all the way from EP 1 up to the newest. These little beauties have always pleased the most avid of Hardcore fans to those on the border & with the likes of ...Read More

1021WNUK- JAKAZiDep2

Track Listing: 1) Jakazid - Universe (feat Taya) 2) Jakazid & DJ Shimamura - Feel The Energy (feat Kyla) 3) HNK - U Sure Do (Jakazid remix) Download from Juno Download from Beatport Download from Trackitdown Download from DJ Download Read More

1159WNUK_HNK_Terminator Theme300

Here's what Trackitdown.net had to say... "Featured Track: Just in time for this summer big block buster Terminator Salvation, Nukleuz Records drop 'Terminator Theme' by HNK. A pumping hardcore track using the famous synth laden music from the classic 80's film. ...Read More