0247 Mauro Picotto 'Komodo' PackShot

Komodo (Save a Soul), Mauro Picotto's biggest solo release to date has sold millions of coipies worldwide and was part of the "Lizard Trilogy" that made Mauro a superstar. Mauro still regularly plays the original (and new) mixes of Komodo ...Read More


Lizard was where it all started for Mauro Picotto and was his original hit single that stormed the dance music world. The first of the now famous "Lizard trilogy", it earned Mauro the nickname of "The Lizard Man" and was ...Read More

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1. Save A Soul: (Megavoices Claixixx Mix) 2. The Dolphin: (Picotto Mix) Gee Moore 3. The Vision: (Vision 1 Mix) Mario Piu 4. Iguana: (Claxixx Mix) Mauro Picotto 5. Make A Dream: (Extended Mix) Bismark 6. ...Read More