INTRODUCTION Namibian born Pierre Pienaar (aka Melodia and P.H.A.T.T.) is one of the most prominent names in the Trance and Hard Trance scene of late. At the age of only 25 he has racked up over 40 single releases and over ...Read More

1119WNUK_Pierre Pienaar feat Marcie_If Youre Not Here

Track Listing: 1) Original Vocal Mix 2) Original Dub 3) Big In Ibiza Mix 4) Big In Ibiza Dub 5) Melodia Mix 6) Melodia Radio Edit 7) Jason Van Wyk's Drifting Dub 8) Jason Van Wyk's Drifting Mix 9) Graham Gold 10) Intro Dub 11) Intro Mix Download from iTunes Download from Beatport Download ...Read More

0940WNUK_Melodia _it-all-comes-back

Head of Nukleuz Green, Pierre Pienaar (aka P.H.A.T.T.) follows up his huge Melodia ‘A Melody’ with ‘It All Comes Back’ showcasing a change in his production sound towards a more electro trance vibe that is currently smashing up clubs across ...Read More

0989WNUK_Melodia Motion Theory

Pierre Pienaar (aka P.H.A.T.T.) presents his huge Melodia alias, and the energetic and emotive Trance that has made him the ever popular producer that he is. Featuring on both Nukleuz Trance Sessions Vol.4 (a release on which Pierre & his ...Read More

1018WNUK_Artwork 200x200

Nukleuz top man, Pierre Pienaar presents the newest piece from his Melodia alias. A pseudonym that has been known for it’s more down-tempo, melodic and uplifting Trance than some of Pierre’s other guises, and which has previously received solid support ...Read More


Having picked up masses of support for his Melodia Remix of Andy BopH ‘Rat Trap’ by Paul Van Dyk, 4 spins in a row on Radio 1 from Dave Pearce for the Rachel Loy ‘I Can Feel It (Lovin Me)’ ...Read More