The Frantic Hard Dance brand and the Nukleuz label were pretty much joined at the hip at birth. The explosion of Hard House in the late 1990's created one of the most exciting and successful dance music explosions both in ...Read More


Nukleuz legend Nick Sentience has created his own promotional video for Frantic's forthcoming 'Timeless' Anthems night in London on 13th Feb 2010. The video includes the unreleased 2010 remix of Nick Senctience & Phil Reynolds  'Cause & Effect' (Which was ...Read More


Nukleuz and Frantic joined forces for this truly monumental album. Mixed by 9 DJs across 3 discs, Hard Dance Revolution celebrates 15 years of Nukleuz and 10 of Frantic all rolled into one neat package. The album contains 54 tracks; ...Read More


‘Frantic Residents 04’ is the fourth instalment of the Frantic Residents CD’s and is mixed by the DJ behind the first release, Phil Reynolds. Frantic Residents 01 has now sold over 6000 units and counting! Phil is the original Frantic ...Read More


One of the world's top DJs, Phil Reynolds kicked off the Frantic Residents series in style, with his set of anthems from the UK's leading hard dance event. Frantic is the biggest hard dance promoter in the world. From monthly sell-out ...Read More

Frantic Residents 06 - Mixed by Andy Whitby & Cally Gage [2006]

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