hardbeat 6

BK has been badgering me for a digital copy of Hold It by BK and Dbm from the hardbeat EP 6 for ages. We have never previously released this digitally so it was really only available as a 12". Someone ...Read More


Nukleuz legend Nick Sentience has created his own promotional video for Frantic's forthcoming 'Timeless' Anthems night in London on 13th Feb 2010. The video includes the unreleased 2010 remix of Nick Senctience & Phil Reynolds  'Cause & Effect' (Which was ...Read More


After an electrifying New Years Eve at a full to capacity Hidden, Frantic unleash Timeless 8, their Class of 2010 Hard Valentines School Disko on Saturday 13th February, 9pm-8am! Featuring the biggest DJs spinning the cream of Hard Dance classics ...Read More