Kutski In for Judge Jules on Radio 1 supports Everlasting

Kutski sat in for Judge Jules this weekend on BBC Radio 1 to bring you the best big room club tunes, plus the world’s top DJs checking in with their weekend manoeuvres. During his massive Hard Dance Mix Kutski gave his second Radio 1 spin to the massive Scott Attrill’s Electrik Hard Remix of Vinylgroover & The Red Hed’s “Everlasting”. Immediately smashing into the Trackitdown Top 20 Chart this remix is fast becoming a hard dance anthem. Here’s what Trackitdown had to say…

“Featured Track:
ATTRILL VS ATTRILL! Scott is really giving it 110% in 2010 with the third awesome remix in as many weeks hitting us right between the ears. This time he’s remixing his own classic from the early noughties giving it some chunky tech dance attitude and brand new production sparkle. Big dramatic trance breakdown will have your crowd up in arms! NEAL THOMAS REMIX AS WELL!”

NEAL THOMAS REMIX! We’re loving the chunky tech dance groove on this pure bred 2010 remix from rising star NT. The contrast between the anthemic hands in the air breakdown and electro-tech beats makes for a roller coaster ride. Buckle up!”

Check out the rest of Kutski‘s tracklist and listen again here…


1. BK — Pressure Down [Riot!]
2. Argy — Monstro City [Kiddfectious]
3. Vinylgroover & The Red Hed — Everlasting (Scott Attrill Remix) [Nukleuz]
4. Lisa Lashes — Lashed Theme [Lashed]
5. Nomad — Ignited [Atmosphere]
6. Commander Tom — Are Am Eye [Noom]

Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Everlasting 2010
Featuring new remixes: Scott Attrill’s Hard Electrik Mix, Melodia Remix, Neal Thomas Remix and Allya & Taylor Remix
And Original Mixes: Midnight Mix, Original Mix, Darren Styles, Edison Factor, PTP, Flyin & Storm.

Download from Trackitdown

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