Nukleuz Black Top 10

Traditionally the home of Hardstyle, Nukleuz Black has played host to legends from Cally & Juice to the Organ Donors. Here are 10 of our most popular tracks, all with links to listen and download straight away! If something you are after isn’t here, either click here to visit the Hardstyle page, or type your query into the search bar.

1. Cally & Juice – All You Bastards (Original Mix)
2. Organ Donors – 99.9 (Original Mix)
3. Organ Donors – What’s Up? (Organ Donors Hardstyle Vocal Mix)
4. Cally & Juice – Blurred
5. Organ Donors – Looking For Drugs (Class A Drugs Mix)
6. Cally & Juice – Now’s The F*cking Time (Original Mix)
7. Section 8 & Dark By Design – My Way (Original Mix)
8. Cally & Juice – Sex (Original Mix)
9. Section 8 & Dark By Design – Pain (Original Mix)
10. Dean Peters & The Edison Factor – The Beginning (Cally & Juice Remix)

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  • 1 Ryan Harvey wrote:

    I am hoping to become a famous dj one day i do make a lot of good hardstyle songs but i keep getting told im not good enough by the big labels like scantraxx if you would like a sample of one of my songs please message me back

    August 28, 2010 at 10:47 pm Permalink

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