hardbeat 6

BK has been badgering me for a digital copy of Hold It by BK and Dbm from the hardbeat EP 6 for ages. We have never previously released this digitally so it was really only available as a 12". Someone ...Read More

HardBeat EPs

Most of the original HardBeat EPs that hadn't already been released digitally have been rereleased. These were groundbreaking EPs featuring content made in the legendary Nukleuz studios from in house producers, guest DJs, pumping Italian tracks from the sister label ...Read More

Filthy X rated Valentines tunes

A while back we did a cheeky compilation of really really dirty valentines dance tunes. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/dance-valentines-x-rated-hits/id593104587 well, today seems as good as any to revisit that album as it does have a number of absolutely classic dirty tracks. Just Fuck by Tom ...Read More


KUTSKI APPROVED! Organ Donors update their own mental anthem 99.9. A monster that you will be hearing all year long without doubt. Download here: iTunes Beatport Juno Download Hard Beats Download Trackitdown Track Information: In 2012 the Organ Donors are truly re established as the leading producers ...Read More

1615WNUK - Nukleuz In Canada Vol 2

Canada has always been an important territory for the music of Nukleuz Records and when one of the Canadian scene’s brightest new stars approached us about creating a dual album project that represents the strongest material from the label with ...Read More


Frantic and Nukleuz have always prided themselves on consistently working with the hottest hard dance acts in the world. Tied in to Frantic's 14th Birthday party at Koko, London, this Frantic DJ Legends series aims to celebrate the now legendary ...Read More


So this weekend was a big weekend for the some of the world's biggest award shows. Never mind the oscars, because this weekend saw the creme de la creme of the Hard Dance scene gather at The Emporium in Coalville ...Read More

1327WNUK Hard Beat EP 30

Nukleuz’s legendary flag ship hard dance EP series hits it’s 30th installment after 13 years of championing the world’s biggest and best hard dance talent. EP 1 released in 1997 became a beacon for the production skills of Saccoman, Ricky ...Read More