Nukleuz: A Decade of Dance Mayhem – Year 2000


Nukleuz: The Naughties. A Decade of Dance Mayhem. By Year… 2000:


This was the big Launch pad of a year for Nukleuz. 1999 had seen us release more and more 12″s on both the Green (Trance, Italian Tech Trance) and Blue (UK Hard House) labels. We had also had our first big crossover tracks with Mario Piu’s “Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone)” and Mauro Picotto’s “Lizard” leading the way. So we hit 2000 running and boy did it produce some amazing results. We released over 70 12″ vinyls and, in partnership with Virgin records, released the first four HARDHOUSE ANTHEMS CDs. These CDs are still seen as the moment that UK hard house exploded onto the full consciousness of the nation as they started selling 30-40,000 units with very little major push on TV (although great poster campaigns as I’m sure some will remember). These albums took the best of the hoover and party hard dance tracks of the latter part of the 1990s and combined them with all the fresh new Hard House that had come out in the period 1999-2000.

HardHouse Anthems - Fergie & BK [2000]

Click here for more information on the HardHouse Anthems album series

The combination of Tidy, Nukleuz and Tripoli going at it like it was the end of the world turned the whole UK into Hard House fanatics. This was strange as the harder end of the clubbing world had either been Trance or hardcore for the previous few years. The clubbers were thirsting for something new though and the music from predominantly these 3 labels fitted the bill perfectly. Because of the explosion Warners sat up and took notice and by the end of the year Nukleuz had released the first 2 Hard House Nation CDs in partnership with Warners in the UK. These two albums were heavily TV advertised and sold in excess of 250,000 units together. This was a time when Hard House really became a household name even if people weren’t attending the clubs they knew exactly what Hard House was.

Hard House Nation - Lisa Pin-Up & Andy Farley [2000]

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2000 also turned into the year that Mauro Picotto ruled. We released “The Lizard Man” album, a nick name he is still know by today. His sound dominated clubs in Scotland, The North of England and Ireland and his biggest tracks were entering the charts like pop tunes (even though they were far from it). “Komodo” is probably his biggest single release and I persuaded him to go on Top of The Pops where he became probably the only ever DJ to DJ live on the show (and he played mostly a techno record as well). The year 2000 made Mauro and he’s been at the top since. Another Mauro produced track eventually came through in 2000, CRW’s “I Feel Love” had been building for some time and eventually hit the charts big time. This was an opportunity for a number of Nukleuz staff took to appear on Top of The Pops instantly making them infamous.

Click here for more info on Mauro Picotto "The Lizard Man"

Click here for more info on Mauro Picotto "The Lizard Man"


In 2000 Nukleuz had already teamed up with London promoters Frantic (Will Patterson) to work together on live events and the DJ agency. Nukleuz had its first branded parties and the infamous Christmas party with pretty much every name in the business at plus these DJs: Mauro Picotto, Mario Piu, Ed Real, BK, Andy Farley, Nick Sentience, Spencer Freeland etc. It was a party to end all parties (just ask Ed Real).

A History Of Hard House Academy

Hard House Academy was the culmination of a lot of work from both Frantic and Nukleuz. The main room was adorned with Nukleuz banners and the event itself was perhaps the most exciting event I have been to during the Nukleuz years. The anticipation of the clubbers. The presence of clubbers from Holland and the North was all new to the London events. The atmosphere was electric and the soundtrack was very very much a Nukleuz one. Hard House Academy has continued ever since developing into one of the most important events on any hard dance fan’s callender. Musically it has changed a bit every year moving from Hard House to Hard Trance to Hard Style but the vibe still remains the same.

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12″ and singles releases:

Mauro Picotto “Komodo”
Mauro-Picotto - Komodo
CRW “I Feel Love”CRW - I Feel Love
BK – Bad Ass
Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Move Your Body
Pale-X – Nitro
BK – (Let The) Rhythm Move You
Andy Farley – Devastating
Stimulant DJs – Kickin Da Break
Lisa Pin-Up – Baddest Mutha
Karin De Ponti – Hypnobounce
Lisa Pin-Up – To Love Is To Listen
Fergie & BK – House Of Pain
Cortina – Music Is Moving
Lisa Pin-Up – Future Acid House
Lisa Pin-Up – Baddest Mutha
Alex K – You Got It

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CD releases:

Hard House Nation – Lisa Pin-Up & Andy Farley
Hard House Nation 2 – Lisa Pin-Up & Andy Farley
HardHouse Anthems – Fergie & BK
HardHouse Anthems 2 – Andy Farley & Ed Real
HardHouse Anthems 3 – BK & Ed Real
Mauro Picotto – The Lizard Man
International Hard House – Mixed by Ed Real & BK

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